Social Sales

Where everybody knows your name, TwoTweet is the corner-store for the web. Truly opt-in commerce. You'll only see offers from friends, bands and brands you follow. If you see a friend tweet a sale, it's for content they like and want you to know about.

One Item, One Price

Keep it simple. Add an item, set the price and twotweet handles the rest: billing, digital delivery and customer service. Reward followers with special deals, exclusive goods and let TwoTweet manage the rest.

Retweet or @Reply to Buy

Powered by the speed of tweet. See something you like? One tweet and it's yours. Your data is secure and encrypted. Digital deliveries instantly to your inbox. Look for the $code and @reply or retweet to purchase.

Digital and Physical

You can sell digital and physical goods on TwoTweet! There's no current support for Twiscounts on physical goods. TwoTweet takes 15% of the price and covers all card processing and bandwidth.

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